Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Future: Uno

This would be a great thing, less getting knocked off. Haaha! Perhaps Transportation should make a lane just for future concept transportation. Or, a Highway bike path. I would ride that $5,000 Cervelo to work everyday and back home. Imagine having a 10 foot bike path along Ga 400, I285/I85, I75. That would be sooo sweet. This will ensure some level of safety.
Being that am a cyclist, and now a Marta commuter (Yes, I've gone Green). A Hydro compact bike, or a Hydro Mini Cooper could make me get rid of that big SUV that's costing me almost $400 in gas. Not to mention, insurance and maintenance. Don't worry, this summer it's gone. I would like to get a Mini Cooper S.

Check out this article:


Friday, May 16, 2008

My Baby "Specialize Transition Elite" is for sale

Yes....Yes! I am finally parting ways with my Specialize 2006 Transition Expert Triathlon Bike(Crying). LOL! Hell no!! Gotta make way for the big Kahuna.....This bike is really fast and aggressive for a starter bike.
This weekend I am posting it on Craigslist, Ebay, and broadcasting the word to the Tri community. I am pretty sure for $1200 it will disappear quickly.
I got the bike early 2006. So, if you know anyone interested give me a shout. The plan was to keep it for a Trainer Bike. But with my stable of bikes (BMX Racing bike, Mountain Bike, Road and Tri), I just don't have enough space to keep them all. Not to mention, I have 5 other bikes in the house. Just say I have a biker Crib...LOL! It was that way growing up too.

My contact info if anyone's interested:
Freddy Edney/404-798-1793/

The bike:
Specialize 2006 Transition Elite 56cm
# Size Large (5'10" - 6'2")
# Transition Elite Ultra light and fast E5 fully manipulated aero frame w/internal cable guides
# Vibration-damping FACT carbon aero Transition fork w/Speed Zertz
# Aerodynamic Tektro R725 aero dual pivot brake calipers
# Profile Designs T2+ Aero Bars
# Cat Eye Velo 5 Computer
# Speedplay Zero Chromoly pedals
# Light and stiff FSA Gossamer MegaExo 2-piece crankset
# Lightweight Alex ALX 330 wheelset with 14g aero 20/24-spokes
# Fast and aerodynamic carbon seatpost with Speed Zertz vibration damping
# Minoura Double Tri bottle holder with 2 Profile Design Stryke cage

Craigslist Post

Birthday Girl got her Road Bike today

My Seven Year Old birthday was today. She got all kinds of cool stuff, because of her Straight "S" marks (A in the Elementary World). She is such a braino.

- Robot Dog
- High School Musical Clothing
- More Clothes
- Fancy bag for her books, wallet, etc
- Toys in General

But most importantly, she got a "Wicked" like we say in the V.I. bike. It's a Fuji Ace 24 in her favorite color of course...Pink. I can clearly remember when my Mom bought me my first Road bike. It was a Tyler 5 Speed in my favorite color GREEN. I had everything green except my first freestyle bike. That was pink. However, back then in the BMX days hot Pink, Yellow, Lime Green, and such was the thing. Charde' is pretty much living the life style that my Mom wanted for me. The kid pretty much gets what she wants.
Shortly after, we left the house and took her and sister Tatiana to her favorite place to eat food...."Welcome to Moe's." We had a fun time there
One last thing. While at Moe's there was this girl behind the counter serving us. She was professional you know. But one thing that drew my attention. I saw her went out to her car a couple times. I was like, can't she just get what she needed and be done. So, I went to the trash to throw away the food. What I saw was very disturbing for lack of words. She was pushing a LEXUS 600HL. I was about too throw up. To myself I said, she better be the owner of that Moe's and a bunch of other Moe's around Atlanta. That's a 125,000 dollar car she was driving. Mmmh! Probably, Mike Vick left it for her...Heheheh! There was no way. Either she owns Moe's like I said. Or are with one of the high priced entertainer/Athlete. There is no way. Not to say that am hating. But I am a professional, and I make decent money. And I drive a Mercury Mariner. Anyways!!!!

Below are the features of Charde's new Road Bike.


FRAME: Fuji Altair 1 compact aluminum with round down tube, double water bottle mounts

FORK: Fuji 1 1/8" road

DRIVETRAIN: Lasco 36/46 chainring with chainguard, DNP 7-speed freewheel, 13-28t

DERAILLEURS: Front-Falcon MF-22, Rear-Shimano RD-TX-30

SHIFTERS: Shimano SL-A050, 14 speed

WHEELS/TIRES: Weinmann DA-16, 24" with ground sidewalls, Kenda K-191 24x1" tires


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Revisiting Injury after crash

My visit to my Chiropractor Dr. Dalia Arafat today was a total disappointment. Especially after finding out my shoulder is still a wreck. Full range of motion is definitely not the case. Thus makes swimming and long rides difficult. During work outs I would hear what sounds like plastic on plastic between my shoulder joint. Yeah, it's really bad. Not to mention this has been over a year now. I am seriously not Superman anymore. At 34, recovery time takes a while.
Well, I go back on Friday for X-Ray's and a better understanding of what's going. Hopefully, I would not have to get Cortisone shots. I hate foreign crap in my temple.

I'll update....One!


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tatiana's Cat Scan

Went to the Children's Hospital Clinic in Alpharetta today for Tatiana's last Cat Scan to observe the left over tissue growth in her ear. She was all joyful and playful before time to find some spaghetti veins. LOL! She cried like hell. The nurse could not get a good vein in either arms. She ended sticking the right (missed the veins), then the left (needle slipped out), and lastly another Nurse came in. Finally, got it in the arm. I felt so happy for my kid. Mom was mad as hell the first Nurse could not find a vein.
Anyways, after being scanned like I was going thru Atlanta's airport, we finally (Me and Tati) went in. The MD gave her some good drugs through the Ivy tube. Not the good-good shit. But the Scientific shit. She got sedated in 5 seconds. Passed Out!!! It hurts to see your kid pass the sleeping stage. After several scans we went back in the waiting room with Mommy. Tati popped up like "were the hell am I." Sooo Funny! Drank some Apple Juice and freaked out over some animal crackers. MMMh good!
Next, we went to Moe's and got some Grub, and Daddy was off to work...

Will update on the scans...

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I am back

Hi everyone, I am back again blogging.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

20 Mile Dub in Alpharetta

Left off today at 10:41am for a quick 20 miler. The weather was very hot and humid (Daaa - what you expect). I felt really good dispite not being on a bike for 2 1/2 months.

Highlights: My water bottle fell at the bottom of a steady long climb. And I had to go all the way back down the hill, get it, and climb all the way back up. Bommer!

Here's my map of the ride: